Our Inspiration...


To create an exciting and authentic caribbean menu; and to serve artfully, professionally and thoughtfully in a friendly and inviting neighborhood atmosphere.

Miami Grille showcases the bursting tropical flavors and exuberant combinations that arise when Latin, Caribbean, and Asian influences blend with the native cornucopia found in Florida and now California.

If Florida is the crossroads of the Caribbean and Latin America, then Miami is the epicenter of its staggering choice of ethnic restaurant choices-Cuban, Asian, Nicaraguan, Honduran, Peruvian, Argentinean, Haitian, Bajan, Jamaican and Trinidadian.  Miami Grille introduces a new style of cooking with a new food vocabulary to San Diego- boricua, canasta de fritas, tostones, yucca, maduros, plancha and plantains- gathered from these exotic destinations and prepared with superlative raw materials imported and found here in California.  The cultural richness and ethnic diversity of the Miami Grille menu displays our fondness for grilling, salads and planchas.  The interior ambiance reflects the warmth of the tropics and our love of the traditions and music of the colorful, latin ethnic heritage.  We hope you enjoy your visit with us!